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Here are some questions you should know the answers to as a Software Tester

To be able to cross the boundary and become a Software Tester (aka QA Analyst), one should know the answers to various questions you might get in your job interview.

They include:

  1. Which SQL JOIN is used to retrieve only identical data from 2 different tables?
  2. What happens when a tester and developer both can’t agree on a defect?
  3. Are Priority, Severity, and Steps to Recreate all parts of a test case?
  4. When an interviewer asks you, “Do you have any questions?”, what should you say?
  5. Let’s say I have a computer which has SQL Server 2012. I’m switching to a new computer which has SQL Server 2016. What do I do with the database info from SQL Server 2012?
  6. You are a tester who tested during the sprints (while the product is being developed). Do you test during UAT?
  7. During Sprint Planning, who usually assigns the tasks for YOU (as the tester) to work on during the Sprint?
  8. What’s a good tool to use to write defects?
  9. If you have no idea what UNIX commands are, and the interviewer asks you, “how familiar are you with UNIX commands”, what do you say?
  10. What is the meeting called when everyone meets every day to keep in touch with the tasks at hand?
  11. Per my recommendation, what’s the LAST thing you should say when your interview is done?
  12. Remember, an interview is a(n)___________.
  13. Your interview is at 1pm. You arrive at 12:45pm (15 min before). 1pm comes and no one reaches you. What do you do next?
  14. What is the main keyword used to retrieve data from the SQL database?
  15. What happens if you finish your sprint tasks early (before the sprint ends)?
  16. Let’s say I’m testing the size of the logo on my new website. How do I know if the logo size is tested correctly?
  17. According to the Defect Life Cycle, if a developer cannot replicate the defect created by the tester, what status will the developer put the defect in?
  18. During which SDLC phase do testers start creating test cases?
  19. When does the demo usually happen during a sprint?
  20. What’s the difference between “Expected Result” and “Actual Result”?

We’re pretty sure all questions 1-20 are confusing to you.

We have an affordable online bootcamp where you’ll be able to answer these questions — and more — no matter your computer knowledge. Never forget: The average starting salary for this job skills is $50,000/yr!

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