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The Startup Blueprint I Learned From Founders of $1 million+ Companies (Part 3 – The VIDEOS)

Continued from Part 2

Now that we got the terms (from Part 2) out of the way, let’s begin the 10-week videos I received from Y-Combinator’s Startup School.

These videos are from THE BEST, founders who started $1 million+ companies.

DON’T FORGET THIS: In order for these videos to be effective, please follow these tips:

  1. Don’t cram everything all at once. Each video is around 45 min – 1 hr long.
  2. Follow the Week-by-Week track. For example, don’t watch Week 2 videos if you haven’t watched Week 1‘s videos.
  3. Watch the “Pre-requisite” videos before watching the main video above it. For example, in Week 1‘s videos, watch “How and Why to Start A Startup” first, then watch “1. How to Succeed with a Startup”.
  4. For maximum effectiveness (this is what I had to do at Startup School), at the end of each week keep a metric that determines your startup/company’s success. For example, if you’re creating an app that needs users, then your metric is likely MAU (Monthly Active Users). Or if have an online store/sell something, then your metric is Revenue for that week.
    • Write it down on Sunday night at 11:59pm EST on the last day of that week’s videos.
    • There should be 10 metrics at the end of your 10-week video session.
    • We can’t hold you accountable, so get someone close to you to hold you accountable. This very vital to your success!



ALRIGHT, now that I got that out the way, here are the 10-week videos.

The moment is here…


  1. How to Succeed with a Startup
  2. Startup Legal Mechanics
  3. A Conversation with Paul Graham


  1. Building Product
  2. Finding Product Market Fit – Case Study
  3. A Conversation with Ooshma Garg


  1. How to Get Users and Grow
  2. How to Measure Your Product
  3. A Conversation with Andy Bromberg (more cryptocurrency-based, but still a good listen)


  1. Design for Startups Part 1
  2. Design for Startups Part 2
  3. PR and Content for Growth
  4. A Conversation with Aileen Lee


  1. How to Sell
  2. Building an Engineering Team
  3. How to Apply and Succeed at Y Combinator
    1. Pre-Requisite: Common misconceptions


  1. Running Your Startup
  2. A Conversation with Elizabeth Iorns: Advice for Biotech Founders


  1. Startup Technology – CTO Advice
  2. Fundraising Fundamentals
  3. A Conversation on Hard Tech with Eric Migicovsky (Founder: Pebble)


  1. Understanding SAFEs and Priced Equity Rounds
  2. How to Get Meetings with Investors and Raise Money
  3. A Conversation with Elad Gil


  1. The Path to $100B (from the creator of Gmail)
  2. After PMF: People, Customers, Sales
  3. How to Win

WEEK 10:

  1. A Conversation with Werner Vogels (CTO of Amazon)



Whew…did you make it to the very end?

If you watched ALL of the videos, then you’re more than ready to embark (and improve) your startup journey to find product-market fit, and to win!

That’s it.

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AN EXTRA BONUS: If you need some extra tips on generating leads for sales (reaching out to random people to contact/use your service), then go to part 4 below:

Part 4 – Generating Sales Leads

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