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The Startup Blueprint I Learned From Founders of $1 million+ Companies (Part 4 – Generating Sales Leads)

Continued from Part 3

Did you enjoy the videos from the previous part? I’m sure you learned a bunch of new things.

I know I did.

However, a major part of getting started and succeeding is the marketing and sales of your product. This section shows you how to do just that.

To reach out to potential customers, you will have to talk to them directly, or do cold-emails. Cold emailing means to email someone out of the blue.

A warm-email is a mutual contact introducing you to that person. Warm emails are 100% always better than cold-emails, but not everyone has that luxury.

To do a cold-email outreach, you will first have to find out who your potential customers/partners will be. These potential customers/partners are known as leads.

Here’s a proven, step-by-step way to generate leads to contact:

  1. Figure out who is the actual person that will use/buy your product. Who is the decision-maker that will make it happen?
  2. Create a Google Spreadsheet (from your Gmail account), put 100 Linkedin profiles in the spreadsheet, then use a tool like to figure out their email-addresses. You can also check the email format on their website. This is a good read on email formats.
    • I would get 25 – 50 emails at a time using Linkedin “Sales Navigator”. It requires a 30-day free trial so make sure you cancel beforehand. After 30 days, start another Linkedin account and start another 30-day trial.
    • However, if you ALREADY know the names of the people you’re trying to reach, you don’t need Linkedin “Sales Navigator”. You can directly find them using the regular’s site. (Sales Navigator is good when you’re trying to reach a person from a company, but don’t know their name).
    • Another great email source: Twitter or Instagram. Depending on who you’re trying to reach, they usually post their contact/business email address in their bio.
  3. Send them a regular email saying you are the founder of so and so and you are reaching out a small group of people who you think would be perfect for the product you are building. Then ask them to try it. You could also include a short gif/video (like really short) of how it works.
  4. Use email software that allows you to check open-rates (use either Mixmax:, or Streak: I personally used Mixmax. If your email is opened many times it means it’s being forwarded around/getting attention. Email those people again if no-one responds.
  5. Expect about 40% to open your email. 5-10% to click on whatever link you included and less than 5% to try your product (meaning a 5% overall conversion rate). If that works, then you just have do the same thing 20 times and you have 100 users. THIS WORKS!

(Hats off to Gustaf Alstromer, formerly Product Lead of Growth at Airbnb, for these tips)

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