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Back To Our Roots, With A New Twist (Major Update Alert)

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while. For about the past month, we at Dubata have worked on some major changes to ensure our platform fulfills the purpose we originally set out when started this journey back when I first thought of Dubata back in late 2016.

Our latest updates now reflect these changes. Some things we updated, others we went back to our roots. In all, these are going to be the final major updates — in terms of our overall “direction” — in a long time.

Starting today, June 21, our #1 goal is to GROW our Dubata platform to ensure what we originally wanted — an online, diverse platform were everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

There were many, many changes we made over the past month — large and small. I’ll let you know the important updates, listed below:

  • The term “DubataVid” is no more. We went back to our roots. We call our content “Courses”.
  • We provide Live Courses and Pre-Recorded Courses. That’s our terms for now on.
  • As of June 12, 2018, Dubata is now an official US Trademark term. Therefore we can call it Dubata® (or simply Dubata). #ItsOfficial
  • We updated the main pictures of our courses, courtesy of
  • The “How it all began” story in our About section is updated. The updated story is my real, authentic story of how Dubata truly began.
  • We updated a bunch of videos & content in our Support Section to match our platform changes (21 new & updated support videos to be exact).
  • Have you ever heard of The Dubata® Flow? Click here to see why its a “Game Changer” for job candidates and business owners.
  • Finally, we just cleaned & simplified the platform.

And that’s a general run-down of all our changes. As stated before, our #1 goal for now on is GROWTH (adding more people/courses/jobs onto Dubata). Any future updates won’t be “major” updates anytime soon, as we’re pretty (actually, very) confident our current version is the way to go for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy Dubata, and tell your friends.


(P.S.: For those taking my Software Testing course, check the Course Q&A section very soon for my unfiltered tips on how to land a job. If you feel left out of this convo, then join the course!)

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