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Get out the house and go get a damn job!

Ever heard that before from someone you know? Your Mom? Dad? Family member? Close friend? Maybe you’ve worked several jobs before, but you couldn’t find one that paid you enough.

Or maybe you couldn’t get a great paying job because you don’t have the needed skills to get the job. Maybe you don’t know how to get those skills.

Or maybe, just maybe, you know what skills to learn, but you couldn’t afford the educational costs to learn those skills.

If that’s you, then you’re at the right spot.

Welcome to Dubata!

Dubata is an online jobs and education platform where people can learn the real skills jobs need, so everyone can have a better chance to succeed.

This is simply how it works:

  • Anyone can post a job, letting users know the type of position you are looking for.
  • Anyone can also teach the skills the job is looking for, making it easier to get the candidate you’re looking for.
  • Anyone can teach any skill, either to make a difference or extra income (or both), via online courses.
  • Anyone can learn new skills, via our course marketplace.
  • Finally, users can easily apply and connect with jobs using our own Certificate Validator, which is a special code given to users who complete a course.

That’s it! That’s how Dubata works.

If you want further insight on how Dubata came to be, then click here.

So let’s get started. Sign up to join, or Post a Job right now on Dubata — and, shameless plug, check out my courses as well.

Vic Oyedeji

Just doing my thing, trying to help...


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