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Welcome To Our First Ever #DubataDay

Welcome to #DubataDay, a day where we at Dubata celebrate everything has to offer. #DubataDay offers great discounts and deals that only happens during this occasion.

#DubataDay only happens once-per-year, on May 2. This day is chosen because it marks the day was officially released — May 2, 2018. This make this our first-ever #DubataDay.

Since this is our first #DubataDay

The deals will be very special. Here’s what we have:

  • All DubataVids™ (Live Videos & Online Courses) will be 50% off. Use Promo Code DUBATADAY at checkout. This deal ends at 11:59 PST May 2nd.

But since this is our first #DubataDay, there’s more:

  • From Thursday May 3 – Saturday May 5, all DubataVids™ will be 30% off. Once again, use Promo Code DUBATADAY at checkout.

Spread the word, and lets take charge. Click the link below to get started.


Vic Oyedeji

Vic Oyedeji

Founder & CEO of Dubata


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