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Hustle Tales: When a trade school grad had to pass resumes on the street to get a job

When things get tough, sometimes you have to fight your way out.

That’s exactly what happened when 21-year old De’Andre Matthews had to pass out his résumé in the Houston heat. Seven months earlier, De’Andre graduated from the Houston School of Carpentry, but was struggling to find employment since he didn’t have prior job experience.

“I applied to at least 30 jobs all over Houston,” Matthews told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Inspired by a local news story about a homeless man who stood on the street holding a sign that read “Hungry for Success” and passing out his résumé, Matthews decided to do the same thing.

I am [an] electrical trade school grad with no job experience. Please take a resume and help this electrician apprentice out. #StriveForGreatness

Making a sign with this quote, last Monday Matthews took 20 resumes and stood at a busy intersection in the humid Houston heat.  “I was scared, and my negative thoughts kept kicking in — I worried that I wrote too much on the sign and it would be hard to read, or that people would think I was asking for money,” Matthews said.

During the two-hours he stood outside, he managed to hand out only five résumés. When the heat became too unbearable, he said he went home.

Not too long after, however, Matthews told Click2Houston: “My phone rang so much, it actually froze”. Thanks to his story going viral, in addition to Texas he received calls from, “Virginia, Baltimore, Boston, Louisiana, Alabama and there was one in Arizona.”

The second driver to take Matthews’s résumé ended up being a woman from Houston whose father’s electrical service company had a job opening, so she offered Matthews an interview.

On last Tuesday, he met with company personnel and was hired on the spot.

I accepted the job because my employer seemed to appreciate my knowledge and cared about teaching me. That really spoke to me.

After a few days went by, De’Andre took to Facebook to show his appreciation:

Hopefully we’ll be able to hear from De’Andre again. His story is an inspiring one.

Story also appeared on Unstripped Voice

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